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Beginning Perl Tutorials

What You Need
This tutorial explains what you need to begin programming your own CGI scripts with Perl. Check here first to be sure you have everything you want or need to begin.

Installing a Perl Script
See how to install a simple Perl script so that you can use it on your web site.

Perl Basics: Output
The first tutorial on the Perl language itself, describing how to print output to the web browser with the print statement.

Printing HTML
Follows up the previous section by explaining an easier way to print HTML to the web browser with less character escaping.

Perl Variables
How to declare variables in Perl and use them in your scripts.

Perl Operators
Using Perl operators for math, assignments, and incrementing. Introduces the uses for these operators and the methods for using them.

Perl Operators: Part 2
Using the comparison and logical operators.

Perl Conditionals
Using if, elsif, else, and unless to check for certain conditions.

Using Loops
Using for, while, and foreach to loop through certain parts of code.

Using Arrays
How to use arrays to store a group of similar variables.

Manipulating Arrays
How to add, delete, and do other things with array elements.

Associative Arrays
How to use associative arrays to store a similar group of variables.

Chop, Length, and Substring
How to use some helpful functions to manipulate or get values from strings.

Reading From Files
A two-part tutorial on how to read data from a flat text file and make use of it.

Appending Files
How to add data to the end of a file.

Writing to Files
How to overwrite the contents of a file with new information and how to delete a file.

File Checking
How to check for file existence and other file information.

Reading Directories
How to read the contents of a directory.

Environment Variables
You can have your scripts grab some information by using environment variables.

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