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HTML Tutorials

HTML Basics

What you need to have to get started
See the programs you need to use HTML. Start here if you have no prior experience with HTML and how to use it.

Using the Materials
How to use a text editor and a web browser.

About HTML tags, a basic format
The basics of using HTML.

Basic text tags: italics, bold, center, etc.
Start using some basic HTML tags!

Headings, Paragraphs, Line Breaks
Using section headings and moving to the next line.

Manipulating Font Size and Color
Change your text size and color the way you want it.

Using Special Characters
Adding those nice little symbols.....

Linking to Other Pages
How to create the clickable text....

Adding Images to your Page
Put a picture on your page!

More Text Tags
Using PRE, BLINK, and more!

HTML Comments
Add comments for yourself!

Using HTML Lists
Add a list your page.

Using the BODY Tag Attributes
Change the properties of your page.

Changing the Default Text Color
Change the text color throughout the page.

Changing the Link Color
Make links different colors.

Using a Background Color
Use your own background color.

Using a Background Image
Use your own background image.

Resizing an Image
Make images the size you need them to be.

Using an Image as a link
Make your image a clickable link.

Image Alignment and Wrapping Text
Wrap text around images.....

Using Image "alt" Commands
Use text for those who cannot view images.

Troubleshooting image problems
Learn what to do when you have images on your page that just will not show up.

Linking Within a Single Page
Let viewers click to another part of the same page.

The Email Link
Let people send you mail!

The Email Link: More
More tricks for the e-mail link!


Put Your Page on the Web
How to put your page on the web once you have finished building it. Learn FTP and more!

Advanced HTML Tutorials

Adding Forms to Your Page
Get input from your viewers using forms for feedback. You'll need a couple of things, but they are explained before the tutorial begins.

Adding Sounds/Music to Your Page
Let people hear sounds and music on your page!

Using META tags for Search Engines
Help search engines index your pages.

The Meta Refresh
How to automatically redirect your viewers!

The Blue Dash
Fix the blue dash below linked images!

Font Faces
Change the font type on your page.

Open a New Window
Open a new window with a link.

Fixed Backgrounds
Using a fixed background: IE only.

Adding a Marquee
Scrolling marquees: IE only.

Basic HTML Tables
How to create a basic HTML table.

Tables 2: Alignment, Color, and More
Add more to your tables.

Tables 3: Tables inside Tables
Make some complicated tables...

Adding Frames to Your Site
Learn how to use frames for your pages!

Frames 2: Linking, Attributes, More.
More on those frames....

Invisible Frames
Make your borders disappear.....

Inline Frames
You need IE 3 or 4 for this one.....

Change 2 Frames at Once
Change multiple frames with one click!

Client Side Image Maps
Create an image map for your page!

Links: No Underline
Get the underlines off of your links!

HTML E-mail
A series of articles on how to create HTML e-mail messages, written by Thomas Granger.

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