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JavaScript Basics

What you need to use JavaScript
See what is required for you to be able to see and use JavaScript for your site.

Basic Recognition of a JavaScript
See the basic format of a JavaScript so that you can recognize a javascript when you see one in the HTML code.

onMouseover: Your first Script
Make something happen by surprise. Well, it used to be a surprise, but it is used quite a bit now.

Using Buttons for JavaScripts
A two-part section on using buttons to make something happen. The buttons can be used in many ways, even as forward and back buttons.

Forward and Back Buttons
Learn how to make forward and back buttons which functions just like the buttons on your browser.

JavaScript Alerts
Alert! Alert! How to pester your viewers until they can't take any more. Oh yes, and how to create a JavaScript alert box.

Variables, Functions, Operators, Conditionals
In a two-part section, we jump into the world of creating variables and functions. Then we look at some javascript operators and conditional statements.

Logical Operators
Learn a bunch of operators plus how to use the if/else statement.

JavaScript Prompts
Prompt viewers for input, and use the input to write a viewer's name right on your page.

Passwords - Part 2
A two-part section on using prompts to get passwords from your viewers. The scripts are not very secure, but they help with learning prompts, alerts, and redirection.

Confirmation Boxes
See how to use confirmation boxes to give your viewers a choice on an action. This is handy as a way of asking "Are you sure you want to....?".

Browser Detection
See how to use browser detection to determine what type of browsers your visitors are using.

See how to redirect viewers based on the browsers, or how to break frames and/or redirect a viewer to your frames for navigation.

Opening a New Window
Open a new browser window with javascript that can look like a fairly plain window or another browser.

JavaScript Windows
Learn how to create links using JavaScript.

Using Link Tags For Scripts
Use the link tag instead of a button to access your javascripts. If you like links better than buttons, this is the place to be.

Advanced JavaScript Tutorials

The setTimeout Function
Make things happen with time delays rather than needing a click or a mouseover every time you want to execute a function.

JavaScript Arrays
This two-part tutorial covers the introduction to javascript arrays including how to define them and some basic uses of arrays. It then goes on to cover associative arrays and how they can be used.

Preloading Images
Preload your images with javascript so that they can be used more quickly when you have an image script. Typically used with a rollover script.

JS Rollovers/Hover Buttons - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4
A four-part section on javascript rollovers including the basic rollover, changing a different image, changing two images, and changing a single image from a set of links. The first section uses browser detection, the others use object detection (see below).

JavaScript Object Detection
Shorten your code by detecting document objects rather than checking for the browser type.

JavaScript and Frames
What a combination! A two-part tutorial on using JavaScript with frames, including how to change two frames at the same time.

Change Two Frames at Once
Learn how to change more than one frame at a time.

Beginning With Forms
Start using JavaScript with forms!

Navigation Drop Boxes - Part 2 - Part 3
A three-part section on drop down navigation boxes including how to create one with a button, one without a button, and one that will work with frames.

More JavaScript Buttons
Make images work like buttons!

External JavaScripts
Use an external javascript!

The Date Object: with Clocks - Part 2
A two-part section on the date object, using the creation of two javascript clocks as examples.

The Math Object
The JavaScript Math object allows you to perform various calculations using its member functions. This two-part tutorial takes you through the use of the Math object, and then how to use the Math.random() function to get random numbers.

The Random Function
Learn how to create random numbers for various uses.

Advanced String Handling - Part 2
How to use some of the javascript methods for taking apart string variables and working with them. This two-part tutorial takes you through charAt, indexOf, and the split method.

Get the Viewer's Screen Resolution
How to get the viewer's screen width and height and use them to help the viewer.

Formatting Numbers for Currency Display
A guest article by George Chiang on how to format numbers for currency display.

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